Monday, June 29, 2015

Craftree Tat-A-Long completed

I completed the 2015 Mystery Tat-A-Long from Craftree.  All 9 parts.  I really think you can see my improvement in my tension as each part was added.

 My oldest finished off Kindergarten last week.  I am so very proud of how hard he worked all year!  Here he is on the last day of school going out the door to catch the bus.

He was done smiling by this point as he thought I was going to make him late and miss the bus.

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  1. Awe, my little one will be in the school world soon enough!

    1. I had a good cry and panic attack the first day of school, but once he got home that first day and realized they entertained him and taught him things all day long and that he really wasn't missing me as much as I was missing him it was ok. Actually now that he is out for the summer I am missing school because he thinks I should entertain him all day long. "What are we going to do fun now Mama?" is what I hear all the time haha!