Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Little Update

 I am working on the 3rd snowman.  I am really enjoying stitching these snowmen.  I also don't usually use a hoop but so much material I am finding it hard to hold it all bunched up in my hand.  I think I am going to have a look around for some Qsnaps and try them out.  I have never used them but I don't like what the hoop does to any stitches that get caught underneath the ring, and the Qsnap looks like it would be quite a bit gentler on the stitches.

Below is one of my resourceful ideas.  My boyfriend said "Is that a chip clip?!?"  Yes, yes it is, and actually it works great.  It holds the pattern perfectly and while I am sure there are official pattern holders out there, I don't know if they would work this good.  Haha!

*I had to delete the last photo because I posted a photo of the chip clip holding the actual pattern.  Where was my head?!?  My camera is on the charger right now but I will repost a picture without the pattern when I get a chance

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